About us


ACTSONIC Limited was founded in 2007 with the vision of providing instrumentation and control solutions for both process and research industries by applying the most suitable available technology for any given application.

Through having access to a comprehensive range of instrument technologies, from the traditional tothe very latest,and having our package procurement team,ACTSONIC can offer the best available solution to meet the demands of thedemands of the measurement regardless of manufacturer.

More importantly, our customers do not have to compare dissimilar products and work out the benefits and pitfalls for themselves. Our application engineers cover disciplines including, Ultrasonic flow, flow, level, temperature,pressure,and liquid. ACTSONIC are activelyinvolved in most industry sectors as detailed by clicking here.

The qualification and training records are fully reviewed, prior to delegation of any activity. To ensure maximum concentration of technical expertise, we have a clearly defined departmental structure. This includes appropriately qualified personnel heading up each department a case in point is our IT department which includes a Microsoft certified systems engineer, therefore allowing us to incorporate the latest computing developments into day to day company operation.