Radar Level Measurement
Level measurement Radar 80GHz
● Level measurement under certain pressure temperature limit and easy process condition
● The 80GHz radar level gauge uses frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology. The antenna transmits a high frequency FM radar signal, and the frequency of the radar signal increases linearly.
Product Details
Measurement Range  0-30/0-100 m
Measurement Accuracy  ±2 mm/±10 mm(100 m)
Process Temperature  -40~90 ℃
Frequency Range  80 GHz
Process Pressure  -0.1~0.1 MPa
Signal Output  4-20mA/HART(2wire)
 4-20mA(18~25VDC)/HART(4wire) (two Chamber)
 4-20mA(18~25VDC)/HART(2wire) (two Chamber)
 RS485/MODBUS (one Chamber)
Antenna Material  PP (-40~90 °C)
Housing/Protection  Plastic(PBT)/IP66
Install  G thread
 NPT thread