Ultrasonic Flowmeter
Simple and Easy Type Heat Ultrasonic Flowmeter-(BTU)
Pipe Size Flow Velocity Measurement Accuracy Communication
TS Type : 15mm ~ 100mm
TM Type : 50mm ~ 1000mm
TL Type : 300mm ~ 6000mm
0.01 ~ +/- 32 m/s +/-0.5% of reading
(online calibration)
Product Details
Features & Applications
● Daily, monthly and early totalized flow
● Calorimeter calculation function (BTU)
● Batch control function
● Flow velocity +/-0.01~+/-32 m/s
● High accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading
● Clamp-on sensors are simple to install, leading to lower installation and labor costs
● Clamp-on sensors mean no pipe cutting or process interruption and no plant shut-down
● Hygienic measurement, no risk of contamination, suitable for ultra-clan liquids
● Measurement is independent of fluid conductivity meaning a wider applicability than magnetic meters
● Liquids measured
● Water, sea water and other clean liquids with a content of suspended solids less than 10000ppm (mg / l) and without a high content of air bubbles.
● -20°C ~ +80°C, without ice in pipes at low temperature